Plein Air Painter Reception: Harley Bartlett

    Date Saturday Aug 1, 2020

    Location Ocean House

    Time 5:00pm - 6:00pm

    Price Wine Reception on the Putting Green: $15/guest

    Venue Inquire at the Front Desk for the Artist's Painting Location


Plein Air Artist Series: Harley Bartlett

On select weekends, local artists are invited to Ocean House to share their artistic vision and give a demonstration of their skills. Mr. Taynor will be on-site, painting from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm – location to be determined.

Enjoy a wine reception on the Putting Green at Ocean House on Saturday evening from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Throughout the weekend, catch the featured artist in action as the sea air, sweeping views of the Atlantic and more than 150 years of history serve as inspiration for a work of art.

This week, Harley Bartlett exhibits his true New England charm by encompassing drawing, composition, and brushwork techniques in his landscape paintings to depict the scenic views of New England.

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About Mr. Bartlett: 
Harley Bartlett is a New Englander in home, heritage, and spirit. An early interest in drawing led to a career in Easel and Mural painting. It has been said that he casts a wide net in the world of art.  He has run an art company providing murals and faux finishes for commercial and residential applications and has exhibited his fine art paintings in regional galleries for over twenty years.
While primarily known as a Landscape Painter he also paints figurative works, and maritime and sporting art themes. His landscape paintings typically depict the rural, wooded and coastal areas of New England. The quality of light and weather serve to establish the mood of the painting. His figurative paintings depict common activities such as a day at the beach, apple picking or other daily tasks common to us all.
Mr. Bartlett looks primarily to the artists of the past for his technique of painting. Drawing, composition and brushwork all work together, in unison, to create an image that, while realistic is not photographic in quality.

Reservations are required. Social distancing practices will be observed. No drop-ins please.